Evercoat Z-Grip 3lt

An advanced, clog-free, lightweight body filler for today’s high tech metals. Formulated with ZNX-7® for superior adhesion to galvanized steel, bare steel and aluminum. Part of the MetalWorks® System that honors the OEM corrosion warranty. Contains Hattonite™ for effortless sanding. Blue cream hardener included.

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Evercoat Z-Grip Best Practice:

  1. CLEAN – Clean and degrease the body panel to be repaired.
  2. STRAIGHTEN PANEL – Straighten the panel to be repaired as needed.
  3. PAINT REMOVAL – Remove paint with 80 grit in the area to be filled
  4. PREPARATION – Sand and feather-edge the area with 80 grit to remove only the clear coat and base coat, then remove sanding dust with clean compressed air.
  5. APPLY FILLER – Apply Evercoat filler with even, firm pressure in a thin coat, then apply additional material as needed.
  6. SAND AND FEATHER-EDGE – Sand the filler to shape with 80 grit, then final sand and feather-edge with 180 grit. Remove sanding dust with clean compressed air.
  7. APPLY PUTTY – Apply a thin coat of easy sand over the entire repair with even, firm pressure to provide a primer-like finish. Note: Putty is optional when using Rage Gold.
  8. SAND – Sand and feather-edge the putty with 180 grit.
  9. REMOVE SANDING DUST AND INSPECT – Remove the sanding dust with clean compressed air and inspect area for coarse sand scratches, pinholes, or imperfections.

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