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What We Do?

Complete Colour Services specialises in Colour, although originating in the Car Refinish Industry, we have used our experience and expertise in Colour to provide the same high quality service to the  industrial and wood markets.

We provide a personal technical service; if it’s restoring your old pride and joy, learning to use the latest dry sanding techniques, or applying innovative paint products such as chrome finishes then our paint technicians will make sure you will achieve what you are aiming for.

Colours will have variations and even then it may differ from the original shades. Our Colour matching service ensures that customers will receive the right colour paint specific to their order; the colour does not come off the shelf but instead matched direct to your pattern and mixed to a specific formula. Many paint distributors offer this service, but CCS has gained a great reputation for our colour matching capabilities as we have the people and technology, along with caring about our customers work and our own reputation to maintain. To learn more about our Colour Matching Service

To learn more about our Colour Matching Service

We stock paint to mix for Car, Motorcycle, Commercial, Fleets, Industrial and Wood surfaces. Our Industrial schemes include Selemix, T Euro, Novol and Promix which gives us the capability to create British standard and RAL colours to be applied on many different surfaces such as steel, plastic and glass.

Using our own fleet we offer a just in time delivery service to our local customers, supplying them with paints, lacquers, abrasives, compounds and other vital materials to keep them operating while keeping their stock lean. We supply tools and equipment along with all the other essentials to work effectively.